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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau pictured wearing ‘brownface’ at 2001 party

‘I’m pissed off at myself, I’m disappointed in myself,’ says Canadian prime minister

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Adam Withnall Dozens take own lives as 2 million threatened with loss of status

Described as ‘shocking, shambolic and shameful’, the state’s register of citizens is rumoured to be arriving in other Indian states too. Adam Withnall reports on the latest BJP ruling that is playing with people’s lives 

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James Moore WeWork and the new tech bubble

Co-working company WeWork raised multiple red flags before suspending its flotation — but so did Uber and Lyft, says James Moore

21 best online beauty stores

Whether you are looking for targeted skincare or cruelty-free makeup, these sites offer the best beauty products available 

The budget no-smudge lipstick that is French Girl-approved

This $8 lipstick is almost impossible to smudge and can last an entire day with only a minor touch-up

Apple Watch Series 5 is 'tremendous' upgrade

Apple's new smart timepiece looks exactly the same as its predecessor, yet somehow entirely different

Brad Pitt delivers finest performance in the mesmerising Ad Astra

What starts off stubbornly slow becomes mesmerising as you get used to its rhythm

Dr Jen Gunter: ‘Wellness sites sell patriarchy and call it feminism'

The gynaecologist talks to Olivia Petter about outdated sexual health myths, vaginal marijuana and standing up to Gwyneth Paltrow